My plants have a home!

My plants have a home! #MargaretsSucculents

This part of the house gets a lot of sun, and I’m worried about them come summer time. But I’ve got a plan for increased watering, and hopefully that will help them. But really, it’s the only place they could go. I love seeing them all when I pull up to the house. They just make me smile.

Also, look at those HUGE rose bushes! With HUGE roses! They are just lovely.

Easter 2016

First, we start with a yard full of 2300 eggs.

Easter, Part 1. 🐥 We were invited to an Easter party with great people, lots of food, and 2300 eggs. The children made out like bandits. #Easter2016

Then we let the children loose in the yard. And they all collect the eggs. And then they sit down and empty the eggs into their bags, and put the plastic eggs into big boxes so they can be used next year.

Easter, Part 2. 🐥 We bring pillowcases to gather eggs and take home the loot. It's ridiculous, really. But so much fun. We empty the eggs while we are there, and put the eggs back in big boxes so they can be used next year. #Easter2016 #13yo

When all the eggs have been collected and emptied, and everyone has had lunch, we start the egg roll. Hard boiled eggs that are numbered, everyone gets one. Number one starts, rolls their egg down the ramp. Number two rolls their egg, if it hits number one, then that person is out. The game continues until there is one egg left. That person gets a cash prize.

Easter, Part 3. 🐥 And then there's the egg roll. Hard boiled eggs that are numbered, everyone gets one. Number one starts, rolls their egg down the ramp. Number two rolls their egg, if it hits number one, then that person is out. The game co

We all have more fun than we can imagine having on an Easter sunday. Hanging out with friends, playing, getting loot, and going home with a sugar rush.

We have finished moving. The house has been cleaned, I’ve turned in the keys, I’ve received my deposit back. Yay!

Today I got fresh hair color, had lunch with girlfriends, and stopped in at the birthday party of my photographer. It was fun to hang out for a bit, and so needed. Just to relax after a week of crazy.

Fresh hair color, lunch with girlfriends, stop in at the birthday party of my photographer, and Easter service at church later this afternoon. My day is full, but I'm blessed to get to spend it with people I enjoy.

And the boys and I headed to church for Easter service on a Saturday! They did an egg hunt for the kids before service, which was super fun for all.:)

Easter egg hunt at Bayside Blue Oaks! #9yo #13yo #BaysideBlueOaks

Friday, March 18

So the boys and I ran a few errands and loaded the truck on Friday. Husband came home early, and we loaded his truck, too. My Mom and Sis1 came over to help pack, which was amazing.

We had to meet the landlady at the new house at 430pm, so we headed over with full trucks and cats. On the ride over, Magic pissed in the cat carrier, so that was exciting. The boys used 9yo’s boots to cover their faces to block the smell.

We did the final walk thru, talked about what was working and not working, took some pictures and started unloading the trucks. The cats stayed in our bathroom for two days. They were really tired of each other by the time I opened the door and let them out.

After we unloaded the first load, Husband headed back to the house to get another load. Bro1 and two of his boys showed up to help load trucks. It was so great to have their help, too. Before I headed back to the house, the boys and I headed to the hardware store for a patio door insert thing for the dogs.

From Friday... These two have been amazing helpers this whole move. I'm so grateful that they just roll with this life we have. I love them more than life. #13yo #9yo #brothers #BestFriends #MovingAgain #blessed #MyHeartWalks

These two were amazing helpers the whole move. Almost no complaining, and just rolling with whatever was happening.

Plant movers.

The first load of succulents are going to their new home! #MargaretsSucculents #MovingAgain

And there's the second load. There's one more succulent and two California poppies to bring over, then all my plants are home! I can't lift those tho, they are very heavy. We are so close to being completely moved. So.Close. #MargaretsSucculents #MovingA

I took two loads of succulents to the new house today. There’s one more succulent and two California poppies that still have to come over, but they are too heavy for me to carry. They have to wait for Husband to pick them up. I’m so glad my plants are almost home!

My sewing space.

My sewing space is a little crowded..... #MovingAgain #StringsOnMyShirt

I cannot work in these conditions. I refuse.

Because we went from a four bedroom to a three bedroom, I lost my sewing room/office space. Which means I get to hang out in the living room, and that’s totally fine. But it’s definitely an adjustment.

Blessings upon blessings upon blessings.

The last few weeks have been really hard for me. Not physically, but mentally and emotionally. There was a lot of emptying of me, and not a whole lot of filling up.

Except for a few things.

– A friend asking me to join her table at bible study.
– Being approved for a house we actually could see ourselves live in, in an area we like.
– Friend standing in support.
– Friend being overly generous.
– Friend watching the boys while I work.
– Cuddles with Husband.
– Checks being bigger than expected, which allows us to purchase a few things for the new house that we know we need.
– FirstBonus watching the dogs for us while we move.
– Convos before 8am that have me laughing to near tears.

Really, life is good. And things are amazing. And we are so blessed.

Sometimes crazy comes by.

So Monday the 7th, FirstBonus sent me a link to a house. I immediately called the number and asked when we could view it. The property manager said Tuesday afternoon worked for her.

Tuesday afternoon rolled around and Husband was off work in enough time that he could meet me there, so we got to check it out together. I immediately filled out an application for us, sent her the application fee via paypal, and we headed home.

Wednesday she pulled our credit.

Thursday we heard nothing. I went to work, cutting and making Easter basket liners for Sunshine Daydream Creations.

Friday morning I emailed her to check on the status of our application. And then I went to work again. I needed something to keep me busy and my mind off things. Being in limbo is really hard for me – it’s hard mentally. I had to pick the boys up at 4pm, and as I walked into my friend’s house, I got the email that we were accepted. I cried on my friend’s shoulder. She loves me. And I love her right back. The property manager and I emailed back and forth – we decided we would pick up keys on the 18th.

Saturday I lost my brain to the crazy. I was up early and showered. I knew I had to go to the bank, and needed to sew a couple of things for my Sister. But my brain would not let me even think about sewing. Instead, it was focused on the bank issue. And packing. And changing the door knobs. And figuring out what we were going to move when. And where would we put some things in the house. And researching a slider door insert with a dog door for the dogs. And could Husband take off part of Monday? And when are we moving the cable box, because I have to schedule the technician. And I had to write out the schedule for this coming week AND for moving. (We may not completely follow the schedule, but I had to write it out.) It wasn’t until 4pm that my brain stopped the crazy, and I could relax enough to sew.

And y’all, my Husband just rode the train with me. When I handed him door knobs (we change a few to key locks when we move in), he said he would change them. And when I started taking ours out of the doors, he just laughed and went behind me and put the house ones in. When I started pulling things out of the closets, he helped me get things off the top shelf. When I asked questions that we have no answers to, he helped me brainstorm. He gets me. He didn’t make fun of me, he just rolled with it. And that’s why he’s awesome and I love him.

The help. #StringsOnMyShirt

Spike helped with the sewing this evening. My Mom said she looks not happy. She never looks happy. lol